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Social Structure in 21st Century

Social Structure

If we are talking about the social structure, you must answer that there is 3 structure of it. Well, those structures are an old thought which we learned it on our school and it is out of date. However, in this modern day, there are many more social structures you need to know it. The structure is deciding by giving the survey to about 161,000 people and it creates the new social structure in 21st century.

Do you want to know what kind of the new social structure? Well, there are seven structures you should know. They are:

Elite. This class is the most privileged and wealthiest group. The one on this group went to elite and private school universities and also can enjoy the high cultural activities like going to opera or listening to the classical music.

Established middle class. This group is the second wealthiest and most gregarious of the class group. Most of people in this group is working in the traditional professions and also socialize with many varieties people and also take a part in variety of cultural activities.

Technical middle class. This group is small, prosperous and distinctive new class group. They prefer the emerging culture like social media and others. The people in this group are working on the tech and science which comes from the background of middle class.

New affluent workers. In this class, they are economically secure without being rich. This class is interested to the cultural and sociable. This class is in the middle of all groups in the terms of wealth. They are coming from the working class backgrounds.

Traditional working class. This group has its own home and they have the oldest average of age. They don’t enjoy emerging the culture. Usually, the jobs of these groups include the electricians, cleaners, and lorry drivers.

Emergent service workers. This group contains of young people who have cultural capital and high social, so they know well about the different people and they also enjoy the wide range cultural activities. Unfortunately, this group is not secured for the financial.

Precariat. This group of people is the most deprived social group and poorest. More than 80% of them are rent their home.

Those are the new modern social structures which you should know because the old thoughts of three social structures do not work at all in this modern era.