How to Stop Nomophobia

How to Stop Nomophobia

Have you heard about nomophobia? Most of us are suffering this problem. Well, do you know what is it? Nomophobia is a fear of living without your mobile phone or we can say it as mobile phone addict. Now, it is the serious problem in this world which we should stop it before this problem is addicting to their mobile phone.

This mobile phone addiction is signed if you can’t get away from your mobile phone just for a second. You will get angry, fear or any feelings if you don’t hold the mobile phone in your hands. Let’s say your mobile phone is getting low while you are doing activity in outdoor area and you have no place to charge your phone, you will get anxious of it. It can say that you are suffering nomophobia, as if you can’t live without your mobile phone.

Need to note that this kind of problem is a serious problem which we should stop before every one has suffered this problem. You should know that this problem has bad advantages you can get. The bad advantages you can get:

Traffic accident. Do you know? In many research shows the most caused of traffic accident is causing by the mobile phone. Many drivers still use their mobile phone even if they are on the road.

Don't use phone while driving

Health problem. In this case, further effect you can get while using the mobile phone continuously, your immune system will get lower because its mobile phone radiation to your body. If your immune system is lower, you can get other serious disease easily.

Those are some bad advantages you can get while you are suffering this kind of problem. Thus, you should stop in addicting your own mobile phone with these 5 easy ways for you. They are:

Every time you want to go to bed, you should turn off your cell phone at least an hour before it. It can make you to stop your desire to scroll and scroll your mobile phone to do wasting things. It also will help you to get the best sleep quality in your night.

You should try to reduce in checking your mobile phone every time. You should hold the desire to check your mobile phone by doing the other activities like cleaning up your house, doing your homework, reading books, and much more.

While you want to stop this bad habit, you can try to set certain times to check your own mobile phones. You may scroll for a minute or longer time in a day, but you should make your own schedule to do it.

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You should make the phone-free zones. Every time you are in that zone, you should not bring your phone as well, as example you create the zone in your bed or any places in your home.

In order to stop this bad habit, you should connect yourself with the other people in the real one. It can help you to discuss everything without using your mobile phone.



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